A maker of jewelry and clay objects, I find much of my inspiration and peace of mind from the textures, colors and forms that surround me in nature.

For many years I have designed jewelry from collected beads and other items of interest. Loving color and the process of play and spontaneity, beads have been a flexible and interesting choice of materials for me to create with. I love the stories that jewelry can express through symbolism. My work is often worn as a type of talisman to support one on their personal life journey. 
When not making jewelry or working with clay,  I offer workshops in my studio, as well as in private homes. I also spend time working with The Gemma Cancer Foundation, assisting cancer patients and their families in creating "Intention of Self-Care" Bracelets. The expressive and healing arts have always been apart of my personal journey and I get great pleasure from sharing this way of learning about ones life journey with others.