A Gatherings of Friends, "a evening out to relax", Birthdays, Bridal Showers, and other special occasion workshops can be designed to fit your needs. Meditation with Beads..."Creating a Talisman Necklace" or "BEading to be STILL" workshops are also offered.

..."the beading workshops are such a beautiful meditation to sit and finger small beads of beautiful shades and even textures....and you will be amazed at the beautiful piece(s) you create"...Cindy

Workshops will take place in my Rehoboth studio or you may want to schedule a private workshop in your home or business. They are generally, two to three hours long, depending on the type of workshop. In addition to supplies, I provide refreshments (only in the studio). I do not serve alcohol, but feel free to BYOB!

Room for 6 to 10 folks, depending on the kind of workshop. For more information about any of the workshops, please go to my contact page.

WOMEN & BEADS ... "a time to relax and create"

In this workshop, each participant will design and assemble their own 20-inch necklace. Multi-colored glass, brass and silver plated beads are the back bone of the pieces and are included in the price of the workshop. Other materials available at an extra cost.  Absolutely no experience necessary.

Coming together with friends, whether it be in your home or meeting at my studio, is promised to be a "relaxing and a fun night out". 

per person    In Studio ....$45.    At your home....$50.     Room for 6-8 folks

Includes refreshments...but you will have to BYOB if wine is your pleasure.



This workshop is all about creating two fun, spontaneous bracelets as gifts for your family and friends. A large selection of multi-colored glass beads in a variety of shapes and sizes  will be strung on stretch cording, (one size fits practically anyone). Accent beads can be purchased at extra cost. No experience necessary. 

per person    In Studio....$40.    At your home...$45.  Room for 6-10 folks

Need more then two gifts? You can make others bracelets for $15. each.

Include refreshments...but you will need to BYOB if wine is your pleasure.